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Megan McShea

$595.00 raised
GOAL: $500.00
I love this city but there's a lot of unfairness here. This spring I worked on voter registration, and while I encountered a lot of enthusiastic long-time and new voters, there were a good number of people who didn't want to vote because they had lost all faith in the political system. I had a hard time blaming them for this attitude. The democratic system of recent memory may have voted in new people over the years but so little seems to change. It's emormously frustrating, when so many of us agree changes must be made so that all our neighbors here in Baltimore have equal access to things like justice, living wages, sick days, health care, education, and clean and safe communities. 
I want to help United Workers raise money to continue empowering people to enact positive change in my city. So many times over the last year when I've heard of some new thoughtful, engaged, creative, grassroots-based effort to make life better for Baltimoreans, United Workers has some role in it. Not only do they have a vision I can get behind, but they also have an amazing ground game, organizing people to effectively work towards the change they want for themselves and their city. And unlike developers beholden to their shareholders, or politicians beholden to their political loyalties, United Workers are beholden only to people seeking basic fairness and access to healthy, housed, and financially secure lives here. I am running with team "Exercise your rights" because I know that every dollar I can help raise for United Workers is a dollar well-spent. 

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