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Michael Jefferson

$190.00 raised
GOAL: $400.00

I’m an English teacher with Baltimore City Public Schools and day-by-day I see how the chronic under-funding of our city's school system disadvantages students and violates their human rights. United Workers is one of the few organizations in Baltimore that I truly believe is fighting for universal human rights in a way that is democratic and that empowers Baltimore’s students.

What I love the most about United Workers is that they believe in teaching leadership skills to a new generation of change-makers like DestinyWatford and the other students from Benjamin Franklin High School who defeated a proposal for a trash burning incinerator in their neighborhood. Seeing young people take a stand and actually win a major organizing victory gives me hope for the city’s future. Being a teacher in a struggling district isn’t easy but seeing real change happen from the bottom up thanks to the long-term vision and support of United Workers reminds me that a better world is possible. 

I think anyone who has something to give should support this kind of change, which is why I’m supporting United Workers.

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