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Team Exercise Your Rights 5k Run/1 Mile Walk


It is an exciting time at the United Workers! We are training for our 4th Annual Walk/Run & Children's Race on October 29th, 2016 to raise funds to sustain our fight for Fair Development. Team Exercise Your Rights is a collective of United Workers leaders ranging from seniors to youth with a goal of raising $14,000. Sponsor Team Exercise your Rights by donating today. Your donation of $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, or more, will help sustain our fight for a Fair Development Future in Maryland. Here is more on the campaigns that this race will directly support:

20/20 Campaign for Fair Development 

Baltimore communities are organizing for a new vision for Fair Development in our City! Together, we are working to develop a real alternative to the kind of failed development that directs resources and decision making to the top, pushes out residents, and dumps on entire communities.

We are rising up and saying loud and clear that Fair Development needs to be a priority for our city and needs major public investment. We are calling for a 20/20 vision for Baltimore that invests, every year, 20 million dollars in creating good jobs to deconstruct vacant homes that are falling down and another 20 million for community driven development of green space, permanently affordable housing, and urban farming.

We believe we are on to something big and groundbreaking here in Baltimore - with our major victory in the face of the environmental injustice of the incinerator - and the sustained efforts by residents across the city to build a positive alternative vision based on a belief in our fundamental human rights - we are ready to push forward!

Work with Dignity: Paid Sick Leave

As a founding member of the Working Matters campaign we are organizing to win the right for full and part-time workers to earn paid sick leave. Currently an estimated 700,000 workers are forced to make the impossible choice – go to work sick, send an ill child to school or daycare, or stay home and sacrifice much-needed income, or worse, risk job loss. Everyone gets sick and everyone deserves time to recover without risking their economic stability.

Sponsor a runner on Team Exercise Your Rights!

Iletha Joynes


Chloe Ahmann

Charles Graham


Michael Casiano

Lauren Paniati

Keith Brown 

Destiny Watford

Isaih Green

Taylor Smith-Hams

Tarah Fitzgerald

Robin, Skye and JJ

Adriana Foster

Todd Cherkis 


Randolph Ford 


Crystal Hall

Amanda DeStefano

 Greg Sawtell


David Panzarella


Matt Quinlan

Peter Sabonis





Who's donating

Helen DeKorne
Carol Rice
Nicole King
Lisa Klingenmaier
David O'Leary
Maia Gibbons
Ellen Cherry
Hannah Freedman
Jennifer Curtis

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  • Helen DeKorne
  • Carol Rice
  • Nicole King
  • Lisa Klingenmaier
  • David O'Leary
  • Maia Gibbons
  • Ellen Cherry
  • Hannah Freedman
  • Jennifer Curtis